DocuComp® LLC was the first organization to offer a nationally recognized Certification in Clinical Documentation Improvement and Integrity Specialists Program.

DocuComp® LLC presents Certificate Programs conducted by leading industry experts. These 2 Day Certificate Programs give you the essential knowledge, practiced techniques, and sound theories you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. In the end you'll jump start your career and enhance your professional know-how. Additional fee required; please see registration form. 


Clinical Documentation Institutes with optional Certification


CT01 Physician Advisor Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity (PAC-CDI®) Institute 

The Physician Advisor Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity (PAC-CDI®) Institute was developed specifically for physicians serving the hospital through teaching, consulting, and advising both the case management/utilization review department and the hospital on matters regarding physician practice patterns, over and under-utilization of resources, medical necessity, levels of care, care progression, denial management, compliance with governmental and private payer rules and regulations, and working in collaboration with payers and the community. The Physician Advisor is a key member of the organization’s leadership team charged with meeting goals of cost and quality of care. 


The Physician Advisor acts as a liaison to the Medical Staff for Case Management/Utilization Review operations and conducts clinical reviews on cases referred by Case Management (CM) staff and/or other healthcare professionals, in accordance with the hospital’s established Utilization Management (UM) Plan.  The Physician Advisor meets the hospital objectives for assuring quality patient care and effective, efficient utilization of health care services.


Attendees have the option of taking the Certification Exam within 6 weeks of this Program.


The Denials & Appeals Management (C-DAM®) Institute focuses on identifying effective techniques to communicate with both clinicians and non-clinical staff in order to appeal current denials and prevent future denials. Your professionals are taught how to apply techniques to develop and implement a structured Denial Management and Appeals Improvement Program within hospitals. Evidence Based Case studies, InterQual criteria and practical instruction are provided in developing and/or enhancing your compliance methods on auditing, monitoring, and evaluating the implementation & effectiveness of your denial management program. Our extensive professional experience and training in clinical care, case management, medical necessity, coding guidelines, and regulatory compliance are the foundation for our highly successful recovery audit defense and appeals process. 


Attendees have the option of taking the Certification Exam within 6 weeks of this Program. 


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The Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity (C-CDI®) Institute is the premier educational seminar dedicated to explicit Clinical Documentation Improvement. The program addresses the evolving educational needs that are adherent to the significant changes emerging in health care, especially as they relate to the Medicare Severity-Diagnostic Related Group (MS-DRG), Value Based Purchasing, Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), Quality Initiatives and ICD-10-CM. Our approach is evidence-based and combines engaging instruction with interactive case studies and resource materials.


Attendees have the option of taking the Certification Exam within 6 weeks of this Program.


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Dr. Betty Bibbins has a vast knowledge of not only the Health Information Management (HIM) aspect, but the importance of physician documentation in particular. Physician documentation impacts all aspects of coding and billing, which Dr. Bibbins clearly understands and strives to encourage her colleagues to understand. She has a great ability to comprehend coding guidelines and the relationship physician documentation plays when applying these guidelines.

Dr. Bibbins is very approachable, which is very conducive, when in the role of liaison between coding and physicians. She is outstanding when it comes to educating HIM professionals and physicians on the importance of working together to accurately paint the picture of the patient’s hospital stay.

Lori A. Miller, RHIA
Grand Lake Medical System

"As a registered nurse at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore Maryland, I had the opportunity to be instructed by Dr. Betty Bibbins in October 2009. Several of my collages and I were among the first group to be certified in clinical documentation. The three-day course provided numerous opportunities to learn by means of resourceful handouts, clear and interesting lectures as well as roll playing. With the diversity of those in attendance, we had the ideal opportunity to apply the methods as they were taught by Dr. Bibbins. Using the knowledge I learned through the certification course, my daily physician querying has continued to develop to be more specific yet non-leading."

Bertha W. Adams ,RN, C-CDI
University of Maryland Medical Center

“Dr. Bibbins is a class act with the clinical knowledge and skilled expertise to support whatever role she acquires. As a client of her company, I have seen no one battle the system with more vigor and resolve than Betty Bibbins. She expects and will only accept your best effort. Education, preparation and collaboration are tools she invokes to ensure the delivery of quality information and improved healthcare at your facility. Her leadership role and communication skills demonstrate a tireless effort to do what it takes to get the job done in the most professional manner possible.”

Shirley Rothe, CCS, C-CDI
Grand Lake Health Systems

“I attended your CDI Class in Indiana, along with four other colleagues. I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge and insight that was included in the (3) days. The learning environment was very inviting. The facilitators were very approachable and helpful. We took the certification exam and thank God, we all passed. Thank you so much for a program that presented information in a way that was not overwhelming. I look forward to attending future programs offered by DocuComp.”

Deborah Lowery, RN, BSN, MA, C-CDI
University of Maryland Medical Systems

“Provided the how- to’s of effective communication & collaboration, as well as, the development of clinical documentation strategies with multidisciplinary healthcare professionals. Will recommend to my clients for their CDI specialists who will benefit from this informative program by helping them to remain compliant, get buy-in from physicians and improve documentation to increase their bottom line.”

Tara Ruane, AA, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, C-CDI, COO 
Clinical Coding Solutions, Inc