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DocuComp® LLC was the first organization to offer a nationally recognized Certification in Clinical Documentation Improvement and Integrity Specialists Program.

DocuComp® LLC for Medical Schools & Residency Programs

DocuComp® LLC can help to correlate “clinical documentation” with the documentation standards that are required today by all third-party-payers (both governmental and private). It is essential that Physicians-in-Training understand the importance of the “Business of Medicine” within today’s regulatory environment.

Documentation of the appropriate Severity-of-Illness is required to justify the Intensity-of-Services provided in Inpatient and Ambulatory settings. Ignorance of these documentation standards can adversely impact the perceived quality of care provided by the physicians, as well as the perceived under-utilization or over-utilization of services. Any of the above can adversely impact a physicians’ profile when it come to third party payer reimbursements and “pay-for-performance” incentives.

Also, minimize future “Fraud and Abuse” risk by being introduced to, and kept up to date, in Healthcare Compliance.

DocuComp® LLC can provide Documentation-Compliance-Coding seminars, programs, and full courses that prepare Physicians-in-Training for the appropriate communication of patient care.