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DocuComp® LLC was the first organization to offer a nationally recognized Certification in Clinical Documentation Improvement and Integrity Specialists Program.

Program Learning Objectives

In response to the requirements for transparency in medicine, which requires the documentation of efficiency and quality, this program will:

Promote the capture of more accurate, complete medical record documentation that will reflect the patient’s true severity-of-illness and need for medical care.

Recognize the unique characteristics of the new MS-DRG system and how to prepare hospital personnel to be prepared to manage its impact.

Improve Health Information Mgt. and Utilization Review understanding of the challenges inherent to interpreting the MS-DRG system- and how to have your facilities prepared.

Communicate the historical perspective on the evolution of the Medicare Severity-Diagnostic Related Group (MS-DRG) inpatient prospective payment system.

Describe the changing state of today’s healthcare system, as related to the important trends toward required documentation of efficiency and quality of care.

Identify the educational needs for healthcare personnel regarding the significant changes in the MS-DRG system.

Identify important methods of, and how to manage, Physician acceptance and “buy-in” to improve explicit documentation within the medical record.

Improve clinical knowledge acumen to establish a working knowledge foundation of the appropriate documentation of clinical diagnosis.

Communicate the basic concepts of documentation of severity-of-illness to justify the utilization-of-services in the inpatient healthcare setting.

Describe the goals, key benefits, and strategies of having an on-site based Clinical Documentation Improvement and Integrity Program.

Identify effective techniques to communicate with clinicians in order to capture the degree of explicit documentation specificity that is required in the new MS-DRG/POA systems.

Manage techniques to develop and implement a structured Clinical Documentation Improvement and Integrity Program within hospitals.

Identify Compliance methods on auditing, monitoring, and evaluating the effectiveness of your Clinical Documentation Improvement and Integrity Program.