Physician Advisors and Consulting Team

Keith I. Stokes, MD, PAC-CDI, CI-CDI, Chief Executive Officer DocuComp®LLC

Dr. Keith I. Stokes is a board certified physician with a diverse career that includes experience as a clinic medical director, hospital chief of staff, hospitalist, consultant and physician advisor.  Dr. Stokes is a graduate of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. He completed internship and a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Stokes has served as a consultant for numerous hospitals, primarily focused in the areas of physician advisor, utilization management and clinical documentation improvement.



Dr. Martin has 35 years’ experience as a physician in emergency medicine, occupational medicine and forensic medicine. He has served as a medical director at several hospitals. Dr. Martin has provided extensive physician education on numerous subjects. He has done intensive medical review and analysis of medical records from a general medical perspective and occupational medicine perspective, followed by compilation of a detailed written review to be used to formulate decisions around initial liability decisions and appeal decisions.

Dr. Martin currently is a physician advisor and consultant for DocuComp®LLC. He audits medical records for opportunities to educate physicians regarding appropriate level of care, capture of accurate diagnoses, severity of illness, intensity of service and justification of resource consumption. He is well versed on CMS regulations as well as other third party payers.


Jon Moore Carson, MD, PAC-CDI

Dr. Carson is a medical doctor with 20 years of experience and a demonstrated record of achievement in practice management, quality assurance and research/development. Lead consultant to insurance and pharmaceutical companies, state and municipal drug enforcement agencies. Managed million plus dollar practice. Dr. Carson has demonstrated the ability to manage comprehensive medical practice from the ground up. He has conducted nearly 2,000 spinal surgeries (e.g. spinal injections, spinal cord stimulation and morphine pump implantation) utilizing the most advanced technologies with an 80% success rate. Dr. Carson has broad expertise in all facets of urgent/critical care.

Dr. Carson’s experience in consulting began in my fellowship at the UMDNJ-Newark in 1993. His experience includes level of care determination, medical record reviews, clinical documentation issues, 2 midnight rule, telephonic/electronic physician contact, post-discharge review, audits and physician training for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and 2 midnight rule.


Subodhkumar (Subodh) Sundaram, MD, PAC-CDI

Dr. Sundaram had been practicing critical care and intensivist medicine for 13 years. Dr. Sundaram has served as Lead Physician, Hospitalist Program where he developed and implemented hospitalist program in a community hospital setting. Clinical experience included: ICU, Inpatient rehabilitation, Transitional Care Unit and general medical/surgical care. Committee experience included: Medical Quality Review Committee, Family Practice Quality Review Committee, and Information Management Committee. Member of: Documentation Improvement taskforce, Observation Utilization taskforce, and Evidence Based Medicine committee.


James M. Lawlor, DO, FACOI, PAC-CDI


Dr. Lawlor is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with over 13 years of experience in Internal Medicine. He has served as a Hospitalist, Physician Advisor, Manager of Hospitalist group to include staffing, quality indicators, mentoring of physicians, and close cooperation with hospital administration on the improvement of inpatient care. He has also served in management decision-making, review of short stay cases in regards to observation versus admission status. He works as part of Clinical Resource Utilization Committee and Compliance Committee.  He provides comprehensive and preventive primary care to a patient population that consists of University leaders, political and corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and friends of The Ohio State University.